Gbolahan Odukoya

Added on : Aug 17, 2014

Agbanilagbatan – Gbolahan Odukoya
Aug 17, 2014 Oluwarufus

Oluwa ti s’oun nla (God has done marvelous thing)
T’enikankan K’o le se (That which only Him can do)
Eniyan l’o ti pari (Even when men said it’s not possible)
Sugbon Baba ti se o (But He did it)
Nitori na mo yin O (‘Cause of this I praise You)
O se baba (Thank You Father)

Ose Baba Ose Omo(2x) (Thank Your Father, Son)
Agbanilagbatan o!  Ose Baba (2x) (My Redeemer. Thank You)

Bi Ko ba si re (If not for You)
Nibo ni nba wa o (Where would I have been?)
Bi Ko ba si re (If not for You)
Iru aiye wo ni nba gbe (What kind of life would I have lived)
Agbanilagbatan o , O se Baba (My Redeemer. Thank You)


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