All in All

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Added on : Jul 23, 2021

All in All – CalledOut Music
Jul 23, 2021 Abimbola Tolulope
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Verse 1
One by one or two by two
It’s me and You for life
I’m feeling so, so alive Your spirit lives inside

So I’ll go all the way, all the way with You
Cuz Everyday, there’s something new

One thing’s for sure!
Nothing can separate me from Your love
You give all I need and so much more
You never tire to pick up my call
My all in all
You give me so much more

Verse 2
You give me all I require
With me in the fire
No matter the time or the place
You cover me with grace
Ohh Who am I that You love me so?
That’s why I’ll never let You go


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