Arise Nigeria

Jeffrey Joey, Joseph Gimba, Mr. Sak

Added on : Jul 29, 2018

Arise Nigeria – Mr. Sak Ft. Jeffrey Joey & Joseph Gimba
Jul 29, 2018 I-solo
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Unananananana… heeeaaa….
This song is dedicated to Nigeria my Fatherland

Arise… Nigeria my Fatherland Arise…
Nasarawa my Home State Arise
Let’s bring out the change we need (2x)

First of all I start by giving respect to my Fatherland
All the people of Nigeria… Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba we are one
Why do we fight each other? (Tell me why 3x)
God is watching over you…
Are you a President, a Governor, or a Senator in the State?
You give some citizens arms to kill some citizens
Corruption everywhere, high rate of killing everywhere
Sons and daughters of Nigeria arise let’s rebuild the broken Nigeria aah
Let’s say bye bye to corruption, let’s say bye bye to tribalism
United we stand, divided we fall…

Oowooh! Why do people live in pieces yeaa?
When we know that peace is all we neeed… owooo
Oh! Why do People live like there’s no tomorrow?
Don’t you know that peace is all we need… owowooo

There are some people here amongst us that are trying to bring us down
They have set so many evil just to see they bring us down
But let’s show them we are one, we are one and never two
And the bond of love that bind us together is a strong one
It’s a strong sigma bond of love and not pi bond
We are always saturated with God’s blessing
We no longer have space to accommodate disunity… yeyiyeyiye
Nigeria is not for you alone, Nigeria is not for me alone, Nigeria is for all of us…
United we stand and divided we fall
Let’s forget about the past and look into the future
So we can make our Fatherland a better place to be…
Nigeria, we will never go down down; Nigeria we shall be going up up
Cos Nigeria the Giant of Africa is so blessed…
So the Giant of Africa…

Oh God in Heaven! Help us to love one another
Dwell in unity and be peace releasing people to stabilize our nation
And build our Fatherland


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