Edosa Nengak Ishaku is a graduate of Accounting from the University of Benin (2014). A passionate worship leader, she is passionate to see that the fire for true worship is birthed in every heart she comes in contact with. That the generation that seeks to do the will of the Father accurately is raised. And that the pure breed be raised that longs to see the kingdom of God prosper by their hand. She is the founder of Worship In The Arts Academy, a place where artistic people are groomed on how to translate their art into pure unrestrained worship unto God. She is also the convener of Worshippers’ Hangout. She is currently a member of House of Judah worship team with Pastor Chingtok Ishaku. She is happily married to Mr. Nengak Gokir Ishaku.
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  • Mar072019

    Speak to my heart – Edosa

    by I-solo

    There is nothing you would say That my heart will not hear When I’m under your hand oh God There…

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