True Worshippers in Christ

True Worshippers in Christ

True Worshipers in Christ (aka TWINC) is a worship project with a clear vision to prepare believers to be found as true worshipers in fulfillment of John 4:23 – 24 and for our sole task after we transit to eternity – worshiping God infinitely (Revelation 4:8), all in readiness for the return of our Great God and Saviour Jesus Christ (Titus 2:13). Registered in Nigeria and in Canada (as TWINC Music), it has ministers that span both countries. Its main tool for spreading the gospel of Christ is music, original spiritual songs received from on high and presented to listeners via media, concerts and outreaches with a view to drawing souls to Jesus Christ for salvation and encouraging the saints to focus on our home and ultimate destination in line with its theme: Worship towards eternity.
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  • Jun222018

    Who’s interested? – True Worshippers in Christ

    by I-solo

    Verse 1 Man was made to live for ever With a future that is endless But Adam blew it in…

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