WAADE “formerly known as Brian Wade is “a Ugandan rapper touted to have a rap flow as slick as Lecrae (American hip hop artist) or Trip Lee (American hip hop artist).With a unique style and a smooth flexible flow. Waade cuts across the complexity of genres and eras with his music. On the journey to become one of the world’s best hip hop /rap acts and Africa’s best talented rap individuals, WAADE is prolific and has worked on numerous music projects. He has collaborated with artists from the middle East Zambia,Nigeria, Malawi and South Africa. When it comes to music production, Waade plays a big part in his music production by producing, mixing and mastering most of his music.
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  • Aug112020

    Nga Yesu – Waade

    by I-solo

    Hook Ba kwateko nga yesu Ba kwateko nga yesu Ba kwateko nga yesu Ba kwateko nga yesu Bwoti bwoti bwoti…

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