Be strong; be still

GreatFada Abraham

Added on : May 16, 2019

Be strong; be still – GreatFada Abraham
May 16, 2019 I-solo
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In My Time Of Trials, I Have Found A Way To Laugh…
In My Time Of Trouble, I Have Found A Way To Smile…
His Words Are My Comfort,
They Give Me Strength & Hope..
As I Read I Am Transformed to Be just more like Him..
Though Many Are Afflictions Of The Righteous This I Know..
His Wings Will Support Me Through All The Ranging Storms..
I Can Stand Difficulties,
It Won’t Stand The Test Of Time..
For This Is Something So Sure..

For Those Who Wait On God..
Shall Renew Their Strength..
They Mount With Wings As Eagles..
They Shall Run & They Shall Not Be Weary..
They Shall Walk & Shall Not Be Faint.

All: Repeat Solo Verse

All: Repeat Refrain

Solo: Emi a duroo d’oluwa..
I’ll wait Upon the Lord
Duro d’oluwa, I’ll stand upon HIS Word (2ice)

All: Bridge

All: Duro oo… Duro oo..
Oree mi ye o, Duro d’oluwa..
A mu gbaà yii lo..
Aa mo miiran wa..
S’aye re o..
Wa s’ope (2ice)

Bridge II:
Be strong, Be Encouraged..
Be Still.. I AM GOD

Be Strong All: Yea
Be Still All: Yea
Be Strong In The Lord All: Yea
You say All: I am God

Be Strong In God… All: Yea
Hold On To His Words.. All: Yea
And Call On His Name… All: Yea
He Will Come For You… All: I Am God

Those Who Wait On God… All: Yea
Shall Renew Their Strength.. All: Yea
They Shall Mount With Wings As Eagle… All: Yea
You Say.. All: I Am God

Be Strong.. All: Yes
BE Still.. All: Yes
Be Strong.. All: Yes

Verse repeats..


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