By My Side

2winny kings, Vicmim GSP

Added on : Jun 23, 2020

By My Side – Vicmim GSP X 2Winny Kings
Jun 23, 2020 Abimbola Tolulope
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Big God oo
Powerful God oo

[Pre Hook]
I have a very big God oo
He’s always by my side
A very big God oo
He’s always by my side

By my side (x16)

[Verse 1] (2Winny Kings)
Too much oo your love for me too much oo,
And I go praise your name and worship you cos you too much oo,
Your love dey blow me away and I go dance to praise your name
You are a mighty God oo, your love for me too much oo

Soh soh gi kam geh feh
Soh soh gi kam geh soh
Okwagi neh yehmundu
Okwagi na zam ekpere

When everyone ran away
Only you were there for me
Akamu dih neh lu
So I’m down on my knees and I’m praising you, Lord

[Pre Hook]


[Bridge] (Vicmim GSP)
Opor yeah yeah
Jesu por yeah yeah
Odun yeah yeah
Jesu dun yeah yeah

[Verse 2] (Vicmim GSP)
Run Run Run, run so fast
Fly fly fly, fly so high
The glory of the Lord is risen on you
No man can bring you down.

You got the grace and I got the grace
We got the grace to shine so bright
Fly fly fly, high so high
Speak in other tongues when you want to fly high

(Speaking in tongues)

[Pre Hook]




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