Christ Is The Greatest

Quiz Tha Great

Added on : Apr 21, 2018

Christ Is The Greatest – Quiz Tha Great
Apr 21, 2018 I-solo
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Yeah…One time!
Every body Go! Huh!
Christ is the greatest
Jesus is the greatest one
Everybody put your hands up
Are you ready now, Put your…
Christ is the greatest Huh
See… Say

Christ is the greatest there’s nothing you can tell me
Raised the dead and walk on water nothing you tell me
Died on the cross of Calvary to set me free
Christ is my wisdom and riddance the bible tells me huh

Maybe there’s something you can tell
No other Man can really die for you like Jesus did
See I know you dig me and I ain’t talking six feet
At the mention of His name the devil’s getting cold feet

He brought me from the hood and raised me from the streets
No wonder Zacchaeous had to run and climb a tree
Just to see this man of galilee
Yea Lilly of the valley balm of Gilead
You better follow Christ else you would fall like a Lizard huh

No other way is right
The only way to the Father is Jesus Christ
He is the way, the truth, the life
With Christ in your life there’s nothing like Nepa just took the light huh!

He wore the crown of thorns and raised me from the slums
Took strokes of cane His flesh was peeling off
Whipped so hard His blood was spilling off
Carried a big cross for the whole wide world …damn!

Maybe there’s something you can tell me
No one can ever die for you not even aunty Billie
No one can intercede for you like Christ is steady doing
Born in a manger but now the King is ruling

Raised by a carpenter performed signs and wonders
Raised back to heaven we await His second coming
So better pre-prepare coz any second He is coming…huh
Yea…any second He is coming …Huh!

I heard you got healed of cancer well Jesus did that
You got healed of HIV Or migraines well Jesus did that
You bought a car you own a house well Jesus did that
You boarding Planes flying round the world and landing safely
You better know that Jesus did that
So put your hands up and every sing say…

Sing His praise now… Lala Lala La
Praise my God now… Lala Lala La
Just raise your hands now… Lala Lala La

(Beat Plays)
Everybody say…one
Say Christ is the Greatest
Go! One!
Say Christ is the Greatest
Say Jesus is the Greatest
No other one can die for you….


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