Chukwudi (There is God)

Samson Divine

Added on : Jan 3, 2015

Chukwudi (There is God) – Samson Divine
Jan 3, 2015 Oluwarufus

Verse 1
I thought that I could do it on my own,on my own, uh
Before the morning sun I’ve gone so far, working so hardi like an elephant iye, hen
My days were full of pain and sorrow, but brother Chukwudi came, and He told me say
Shey you know?…say na Godi dey give man open doors ah
Shey you know?…say only Jehovah naim fit bless you, ayaa, lift you, ayaa, oooh, oh!
Say you go dey tire if you dey try your own…eh Carry am /2x

To God alone, brother leave it iye, iye, He will do it iye, iye
God alone, make you no worry ye, iye

Verse 2
Eeeh, I am tired of this life that am living iye eh
Brother chukwudi held my hands and said
That I should kneel down and pray, He drew me closer that I need to know ah
Shey you know?…say this Godi dey answer prayer
Shey you know?…say im fit arrange you, im go dey clean you, you go dey jolli dey go
Say Godi no far, im dey near you
Carry am /2x

[Repeat Chorus]

Heeyi…Chukwudi, ogini nemegi Chukwudi? na wetin dey do you chukwudi eh?
Chukwudi chukwudi chukwu
Heeey chukwudi, ogini neme gi chukwudi?
Let me tell you chukwudi
Shey you know? Say you and God fit yarn today? Una fit talk today?
Shey you know? Say una fit settle today? Una fit mmmmm today?
Say Godi no far, im dey near you
Carry am /2x

To God alone (alone)
Brother leave it iye..aaah aaah aaaah
Sister leave it iye, God Alone
Mummy, daddy eh, uncle iye, auntie eh
Auntie eh, leave it iye..

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