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Added on : May 6, 2022

Defined – Sharonzmusic Ft. Keon IV
May 6, 2022 I-solo
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I’m defined by you
I find my worth in you
No one else will do
I’m defined by you (3x)

I’m defined by you
I find my worth in you
Nothing else will do
I’m defined
I’m defined
By you

In a world where comparison is all you see and hear
Turn your eyes upon Jesus he will make the vision clear
Not to the left or right, no turning
The Father of lights is here
Tune your ears toward heaven
Listen up and you will hear

I go rambo for the rainbow
Shoot down systems with the cam-ou
Made in His image as light enters our sensor
Taken my spot, I’m under armour
Adidas he did, it’s Him I desire to mirror

His view of us as he looks, is far above, bird’s eye
So that’s why… all we see around, can’t satisfy
Secure the bag today, tomorrow it flies but
I raise glasses so you can see who you are, that’s right!

I’d have let sleeping dogs lie yeah, but I’ll say the truth
Jesus is the best version of you you you and here’s proof
Died for skin of many colours when he shed his blood
Now Risen, Son of God, see the sun, that’s how its Dawn

I’m in your story
I’m in your story
Way more than history
This is eternity


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