Did you Know

Dr Tumi, Kaygee

Added on : Aug 30, 2019

Did you Know – Dr Tumi Ft. Kaygee
Aug 30, 2019 I-solo
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Did you know I left my throne and took upon humanity
did you know I stripped myself of who I am
just so that you’d be free
did you know that on the cross
I took the blame and died for all your sins
did you know it wasn’t easy but you’re worth the sacrifice

So let no man tell you that you’re not qualified
it is not your works that brings salvation in your life
it is I, It is I
I paid it all in full

Did you know I know your name, your ups and downs
I jnow all you’ve been through
Did you know I never left
even though you felt like you’re all alone
did you know I see the tears
and if you call, I’ll wipe them all away
did you know both day and night I’m watching over you

Yoou can trust me, fix your eyes on me
let me carry all that weight that sets you back
there is no need to do it on your own
let me be your strength when all your strength is gone

cast all your burdens on me
let it go let it go
would you let me be your leader
I wanna be I wanna be

I can be your provider cause I own it all I own it all
did you know you can trust me
did you, did you know


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