Do Good

Hannah Ola, Psalmos

Added on : Jul 29, 2018

Do Good – Hannah Ola ft. Psalmos
Jul 29, 2018 I-solo
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My people!
My people!

You can do it this way
Or you can do it another way
But whatever you do

Whatever you sow
You go reap
Whether na good or bad
Ore mi ma se gora e (My friend don’t fool yourself)
Esan a ke ((There will be a consequence)

If you like make you think
I do not care at all
Just remember there’s a God
Who sees everything

I will do good (x3)
For my life to be better

Verse 2
Ore sunmo bi (Friend, come close)
Teti k’ogbo ohun mi o (Listen carefully to what I have to say)
What you sow you will reap
As you lay your bed na so you go lie on top am!

So why do you choose to ruin
The good part inside you
When you know that you will face the music after a while
Ronu k’opiwada (Think and repent)
Ore ma se kanji j’Oluwa lo (Friend don’t go ahead before / without God)

Asiko lo l’aye (Time and chance happens to all)
Ore ti re a de (Friend, your time will come)
It doesn’t matter where you are
Or where you’re coming from
Rejoice with those that have it now
So they may rejoice with you
When your time comes
To ba wun e k’otun ma jealous
I would na n’ibifa (You are causing your own trouble)
Chief betrayal, because of money
Won gberure lubode ole o ni gbe (Your case will be terrible as a result)


Together is the only way that we will stand
Together we will stand

Loving each other each and everyday
Ta da ta da

Husband and wife love one another
Together (x5)

Love one another (x2)
Be as one (x2)

Loving each other each and every day

Let us come together and love one another

United we stand, divided we fall
We don’t want that (x2)

Let us come as one



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