Eden...the place of peace

Yetunde Arise

Added on : Feb 10, 2015

Eden…the place of peace – Oladapo Yetunde (Yetunde Arise)
Feb 10, 2015 Oluwarufus

Eden, E eeee den
How we long for you place of peace /2x

Everyone in Nigeria is struggling,
To return to a land full of peace
Some are getting closer by the day and some are far away
The reason why we go to work, church, travel, buy and sell
‘Ts because we want to get to Eden.

The wisest man that ever lived
Full of experience was able to create Eden for himself
That everyone comes to visit
He said that the fool struggle all the times
They get weary because they don’t know the way to the city called Eden.

Twenty five, thirty five, forty five, fifty five
Sixty five, seventy five, eighty five years . .
Still they don’t know the way to Eden!
When we see the glory, ask for the story
When you see result, ask for the task
When you see new born baby,
Talk about the labour, pain and price.

The way to Eden is to discover God,
Your Creator and He will instruct you and teach you the way to go
Then you will also discover yourself,
Your purpose and reason for living
Wait, be patient, don’t jump into the scene
Night is a time, morning is another time;
Wait for your time, wait for your time . . .

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Thanks to Oladapo Yetunde (Yetunde Arise)


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