Good God

John Franklin

Added on : Jun 24, 2020

Good God – John Franklin
Jun 24, 2020 I-solo
In Lyrics

It takes to be good
It is great to be good
It feels good to be good
My God is good…
It pains to be good
It hurts to be good
Sometimes it feels hard to be good but God is good…

Hook :
His goodness and mercy is forever
God is good all the time 2×

Chorus :
Good God oh
nah you biko(please)
Good God oh
I dey hail oh 4×

Trap :
You don’t have to worry
Never be afraid
Trouble never last
Joy comes in the morning
If your heart is broken
Lift your hands and say
My God is more than able
More than able to set me free…
Child of God
please check your life
God is good so be good
Son of God came died for you, come to Him
And be saved

Hook :
God nah Hellele _ hellele
God nah waya _ waya
Inn love nah hellele_hellele
Inn love nah kampke_ kamkpe
Weda nah for home ooh
Or for road ooh
God is good all the time…

Chorus 2×
Hook 2×
Chorus repeatedly….


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