Nsikak Ekwere

Added on : Aug 8, 2017

Halleluyah – Nsikak Ekwere
Aug 8, 2017 Oluwarufus
In Lyrics

Halle ×3 Hallelujah eh ×2
We go dey dance forever, sing to Jehova eh
Halle halle hallelujah eh

Verse 1:
Eh eh, this kind God too sweet pass sugar baba
Age to age your love dey ever fresh
I no dey ever worry, cos you too Deu pamper me everyday

Oya stop make we praise am
Everyday every night we go hail am
Everything that I’ve got I go raise am
No be say na my money him need am
I no go wait I go take am
Body spirit soul carry go give am
With all my love I raise this praise to you
Almighty father receive ooo

Verse 2:
Eledumare, mimo mimo
Oba nla kari aye (great King that covers the whole earth)
Oba aseda aye gbogbo x2(King that created d whole earth)

Funni ma s’eregun (The giver without spite or withholding)
To kari ile, To kari oko(He covers everywhere)


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