He Cares

Sire Dave

Added on : Feb 17, 2018

He Cares – Sire Dave
Feb 17, 2018 I-solo
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Verse 1:
I don’t have to fear, coz I really know that He cares for me ooo.
I don’t have to worry His already taken over my pain.

No no no I no go worry
Ino go fear, I no go fear
coz you don take all my burdens
all my pains, u don take away
so I cast all of my fears unto you lord coz you care for me ei ehh
thats why I’m saying
nothing in this world can change the love I get for u eehh.

You took away my burden (x3)

Verse 2:
As the darkness passes to a Glorious morning, you guild and protect
you never fail
you always there for me
even if the world says, I will never live oo lord
you never let me fall oo
Na you done wipe away my tears
na you don take away my pains
na you don make me see the light today eeih ehh
thats why am saying
nothing in this world can change the love i get for you

you took away my burdens (x3)


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