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Added on : Aug 10, 2018

Hello Father – Nicanor
Aug 10, 2018 I_solo
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Verse 1
Hello Father, feels good to call you that.
I am grateful indeed I am glad. Someone told me that you love and care for me, now I see it cos I’m living in your light.

But I remember those days when I didn’t believe, you were patient and all you showed was love.
Yes I remembered those days and where you brought me from, your love found me and your word gave me the life the life.

Now I’m living it-
The life you gave me.
And I’m loving it-
I’m so grateful.
Said I’m living it-
The life you gave me, a life of victory.

Verse 2
I love you Father,i will tell of your goodness, tell the whole wide world just how awesome you are!
I will shine your light for all the world to see, for the whole wide world to see how good you are.

You Word has become a light unto my path, your Word has become a lamp unto my feet.
I’m really not the one that I used to be, and that is all because you chose to love me.
I didn’t do anything to deserve this,
Then I try to take some time just to reminisce
Of the many blessings of the things I would have missed
If I didn’t have you if I didn’t have your light;
A life of victory, no longer ordinary, living life supernaturally and dancing merrily.
Now that I have your life, everything is beautiful,
Everything I do, everything I touch turns to gold.
In and out of season, I know no season, I bear fruit like a tree planted by the river side.
You know I’m blessed in the morning, I’m blessed in the night, I’m blessed in the city and I’m blessed in the field.
Now there is no fear, there are no tears, there is no sorrow cos I choose to follow eehh!

Yes I remember those days and where you brought me from, your love found me and your Word gave me the life.

Back to chorus!

I never thought I will know this truth,
That I’ll be so inspired
I used to think I’m not good enough,
Until you changed my life.

Because of you I’m so lifted,
Because of you I’m elated,
My life now has a meaning.
Because you changed my life.

Back to chorus

Na na na na
Aura! God’s love!
Yeah! Tell Him!


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