He's still working

Inem Etuk

Added on : Apr 24, 2018

He’s still working – Inem Etuk Ft. Faith
Apr 24, 2018 I-solo
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God is working behind the scene
To make me who He wants
God is working inside of me
To let his power flow

Verse 1
He’s the alpha and omega
Beginning and the end
In him I put my trust
Cause he’ll never let me down
When I call on him he answers
And meets my every need
His spirit dwell in me
And He guides me all the way
I’ve seen how good you are
And all you’ve done for me
I cannot tell it all
But I can praise you with my mouth

Chorus (2X)

Verse 2
Oba nla
(Great God)
Onise iyanu
(God of wonders)
Alagbawi eda, oun lo nro mi lo wo
(Defender, he’s been my helper)
He’s working behind the scene
To make me better
Oluwa nsi se laye mi
(The lord is working in my life)
Ki aye mi dara
(To make my life better)
Alagbara giga, o gbe mi soke
(One with mighty power, he lifted me)
O mu mi duro
(He held me)
O fa mi mora
(He drew me to himself)
And he’s working inside of me
To make his power flow

Chorus (2X)

Inside me, inside me
For my good
Inside me, inside me
He’s working for my good



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