Shirel, Victor Atenaga

Added on : Mar 10, 2021

Holy – Victor Atenega Ft. Shirel
Mar 10, 2021 I-solo
In Lyrics

Cloud of glory rising high
Angel’s moving very fast
Ascending descending to heaven and back
Lightning and thunder roll
Breeze of heaven fills the space
Filling every space like never before
Standing in awe of my shepherd King
Sound is ringing out

Holy Holy Holy x3
To the Lord our God
Can you Angel’s sing x3
Can you hear them now
They cry Holy Holy Holy x3
To the Lord our God
Can you hear them
Strange beings of heaven
Crying out sing, holy Holy Holy Holy
We the saints join in crying saying

We cry Holy Holy Holy
To the Lord
The one who was who is and is to come
He’s my life my all
Bless the Lord o my soul
The one who was and is and is to come
The first and the last
begging and the end
Resurrection and the life


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