I Declare

Zack Dekera

Added on : May 15, 2018

I Declare – Zack Dekera
May 15, 2018 I-solo
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No time to Analyze
I trust God to His words
No matter the circumstance
It will pass when I declare
(Oh oh Gods word is true. I believe)

Verse 1
I’m living my life for you Jesus
I surrender it all, decide my will and make it yours. There are times when I’ll have to make choices. I choose you again. Again and again
I depend on you

Call: Tell me if God is dead
Resp: He’s alive inside of me
Call: I need to know if He still cares
Resp: He has never stopped loving me
Call: what is my place in Christ
Resp: I’m the head and not the tail
Call’ I need to know if something is wrong
Resp: I lift my Faith and Just declare

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2.
Sometimes Gods word doesn’t make any sense
We just follow the signs, and our lives are transformed from grace to grace.
You don’t need to be discouraged or depressed
Its just for a while. He will turn things around when you just declare

(Repeat Refrain)
Repeat chrous

Gods word says I am free
Gods word says I have won
Gods word says I’ve got his power
That is just what I declare

God says I am the best
Gods word says I am special
Gods word says I am whole
And that is just what I declare

(Repeat chorus)



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