I Get Am

King Emi

Added on : May 16, 2020

I Get Am – King Emi
May 16, 2020 Abimbola Tolulope
In Lyrics

Eyah! Ten fingers in the air, just like that
Yeah I’m bouncing in the Lord anointed
can’t touch eyah King e m iiiiiiiiii…..

Yeah! I’m blessed, So blessed
gat all things pertain to life and Godliness

Ha! Protection… I get am
Direction… I get am
Eternity… I get am
Prosperity… I get am
Good Success… I get am
Righteousness… I get am
Agelessness… I get am
HS (Holy Spirit)… I get am

Verse 1
Uh! I hear people say dem dey work just to make ends meet? how?
If two ends meet na disaster hope you understand, now
Yeah! I work for a giving not for a living bring ends to every need
I’m a blessed man and I bless men, live the higher life call me Superman,
I see the world under my feet,
Oya! calm down allow God to use you like tool make you dey useful too,
So your blessings too go dey come in twos,
God’s blessings be like dj mix e dey come everyday, non-stop,
His praises I no go ever miss so I sound it like base drum



Verse 2
Uh! I see people tire like four-wheel cus Dem no know who dey drive them,
If you hold God you hold strong thing my guy you gat no problem
Yeah! I’m strengthened by the holy ghost so I no fit weak like seven days
If you know you know that’s the way it goes my seven days is filled with grace
I’m God’s son I’m rich and I’m righteousness,
He chose me I’m the right one gimme all things like first born no airborne
I’m blessed with all spiritual blessings, My cup dey run no be athlete
And overflows like a fountain, So I ever rest be like mountain



I’m rich in dollars
I’m rich in pounds
My money dey ball e dey go round
My money get mouth e dey give sound
To the deaf sight to the blind men
Yeah! I’m bouncing in the Lord anointed can’t touch

Yeah I’m bouncing in the Lord anointed
can’t touch (2x)




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