I'll keep waiting

Dr Tumi

Added on : Aug 30, 2019

I’ll keep waiting – Dr Tumi
Aug 30, 2019 I-solo
In Lyrics

I’ll keep waiting I’ll keep trusting
I’ll keep holding on
Cause you are faithful and you are able

Troubles come and troubles go
but you o God remain the same
people fail to keep their word
but your word won’t return to you void
even when at times it doesn’t make sense
I know that you will work it out
You will make a way where there is no way
that’s just the kind of God you are

I’ll hold on to the promises of God
I won’t doubt cause I know you are true
I know o God that youa re in control
so I’ll keep waiting on you

Have you ever felt you got new hopw
feels like you’ve reached your end
have you ever felt you cannot win
and all your strength is gone
that is not the time to give up child of God
You must, you must keep holding on
cause you’re gonna win
that’s how the story ends


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