I'm supernatural

Frank Edwards

Added on : May 28, 2018

I’m supernatural – Frank Edwards
May 28, 2018 I_solo
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Verse 1
They respond to me when I pray
they respond to me when I work
the lines are falling in pleasant places
I’m getting stronger everyday
I do not know what it means to fail
from glory to glory is my life

Supernatural the things I do
divinity is at work in me
by the Holy Ghost I’m unstoppable
I’m on fire yes I’m number one
because I’m super super (natural)
super super (whistle)
super super

Verse 2
I go by the name seed of Abraham
A.k.A limit breaker
situations tremble whenever I show up
He lives in me He lives in me he lives in me
so I can climb any mountain
do anything ‘cos Jesus lives in me


Because I’m super super (natural)


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