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Added on : Mar 7, 2019

Lifted – Tommy Tush
Mar 7, 2019 I-solo
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Aiye mi Dara eh
(My life is good)
Na God dey do am
(Its the doing of God)
Eh eh eh

Jehovah lifted My head on high
Na Him GRACE and Mercy dey make me ga pa eh eh (make me square my shoulders)
Lord your love and favor dey make me shine
And the way you bless me dey make me dance
Join me celebrate this GOD wey dey do me wonder eh
Blessed be the name wey save me each time I call him eh (Jesus)
Ayaya eh eh Abasi
Baba eh eh Ese
Nagode eh eh Yesu
Imela eh eh eh Chineke

Verse 1
The way you bless me o
Just dey scare me o
Se na me be dis
Se na only me dey live ni
You do me plenty good things o
More than I ask you for
You show me say
Jehovah overdo be your name
From grass to GRACE eh
You changed my story oh eh
You took my pain away
You filled my mouth with your praise
E no surprise me at all
Cos you’re a faithful God
My promise keeper
I’ll forever praise you Lord

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2
Who go believe me o
If I tell them o
Say I don dey for pit
Before Mercy made me King
God of mercy o
From whom all blessings flow
Many people don’t believe
You fit bless somebody like this
Baba God says Yes
Enemies kan se tiwon lasan (the plot of the enemies is in vain)
The world go soon hear
Pe na me dey win lobatan (that I’m the one winning)
I no fit lie to myself
Jesus Christ na Im make me so
He’s my solid back up
Wey no dey back out o..

(Repeat Chorus)

This is my story
Listen to my story
Its my orin
Let me sing my orin
Oluwa lo ba mi se
(It was the Lord who did it for me)
Ohun lo Gbori mi soke
(He’s the one who lifted my head)
Ota fe Ko baje
(The enemy wanted all to be destroyed)
Baba GOD talk say no way o
Struggle pull over
Grace ti take over
Me I no be backbencher
Na me dey lead for class
Everything I touch is blessed eh
Everywhere I go I posses
People dey ask me Tush eh
Wetin be your secret
Je n jawonsi
(Let me expose the secret)

(Repeat Chorus)

Oti gbemisoke
(He has lifted me high)
Its OK
Lift Jesus High
Its OK

Aiye mi Dara eh
(My life is good)
Na God dey do am
(Its the doing of God)
Aiye e Dara eh
(Your life is good)
Sebi na God do am
(Isnt it the doing of God)

Everybody celebrate
Oya jubilate
Everybody celebrate
Come and.join me jubilate

Aiye mi Dara eh
(My life is good)
Na God dey do am
(Its the doing of God)


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