Mighty God

Eloho Efemuai

Added on : Nov 16, 2016

Mighty God – Eloho Efemuai
Nov 16, 2016 Oluwarufus
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Verse 1
All of creation declares you are worthy oh God
The hills and the mountains they skip at the sound of your name
You are my light and salvation Lord whom shall I fear
You are the strength of my life, Lord I will follow you

Pre chorus 
I will sing of the glory of the Lord
I will testify
He has blessed me on every side
I will sing for joy

Mighty God, mighty God, mighty God
We worship you forever, mighty God

Verse 2
There is no power on earth or in heaven like yours
You are the glory of the sun, none can compare to you
You are the strength of the oceans, the rivers and seas
Your wisdom created the clouds and the stars above

Pre Chorus
I will sing of the glory of the Lord
I will testify, oh oh oh
I will shout and I will dance
I will bless your name

Repeat Chorus

We honour you, we sing of your fame,
You reign in majesty,
Your love and grace is incomparable
It’s so amazing to me, you’re such a..

Chorus to fade

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