Molorekan (I have a friend)

Ben, Daniel Oyetunde

Added on : Sep 22, 2020

Molorekan (I have a friend) – Daniel Oyetunde Ft. Ben
Sep 22, 2020 I-solo
In Lyrics

Now people are leaving
I feel so lonely
Feeling deserted
Cause I trust in human being ohhh
Jesus said don’t fear
I’ll wipe away your tears
Just trust and obey
I will be there by your side

Molorekan Jesu Kristi ko le gbagbe mi 2x
Ko soun tole fi tayelorun ooo
Igbagbo mi duro ninu oluwa ah ah
When friends forsake me, reject and ignored me
Kosoluran lowo, Jesu gbe mi dide
Kosere kah tobabi ti Jesu
Gbanigbanilagbatan 2x


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