My Worship

Chris Heaven

Added on : May 22, 2017

My Worship – Chris Heaven
May 22, 2017 Oluwarufus
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Lord I’ve come to give my worship to you
I give my worship to You (x2)
For every hurt every shame every circumstance
You’ve brought me through Oh God, I give my worship to You
I give my worship to You
So in my dialect I will say

Chorus: Onenkodo Wodawu (x3)

Sometimes I wonder where my whole life would have been
Some people sleep and never wake up anymore
But You won’t let me suffer yeah
That’s why I’m grateful to you yeah
It was you who delivered me from the enemy
Am so grateful, You are the air that I breath
So with my language I will say

Chorus: Onenkodo Wodawu (x3)

My worship to You (x2)
My worship to You, I’m giving my worship to you
Yeh eh eh eh
My Worship (x3)
It all belongs to You (x2)
My Worship Oh God (x2)
It’s amazing how you love me, Uwow Sam
You are great
To Worship You I live (x3)
I live to worship You

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