Nations will rise

Enyo Sam

Added on : May 15, 2019

Nations will rise – Enyo Sam
May 15, 2019 I-solo
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Oh oh oh.. 3x
Oh oh oh oh oh…

Nations will rise
They will rise
To give you praise
Forever our God
You reign, you reign on high.
You seated on the throne
You are wrapped in majesty
For ever our God
You reign, You reign on high

Nations will rise and sing
Of your awesomeness
Nations will rise and fall
Fall to give you praise
We serve an awesome God
Awesome God you never fail
All sufficient, great and might God
Awesome is your name

In the Splendor your Awesomeness
Mighty King you are..
Every tribe, Every people
We lift your high and give you praise 3x

(Back to Chorus then fades)


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