No One Like You

Flavour Nabania, Semah Weifur

Added on : May 22, 2018

No One Like You – Semah Weifur ft. Flavour Nabania
May 22, 2018 Oluwasetemi
In Lyrics

Hallelujah Hosanna x2
You remaineth the same
There’s no one like You (Repeat)

Okoro bia dinma (Beautiful God)
Omo ka sin duan
I am that I am
There is no one like you, papa
My great provider
Jesus You oh my redeemer
Alpha Omega, there’s no one like You, chi m oh (Oh God)

Imensubo o
okwa dika nkagbonu
Imen kpagbu eh
okwa dika nkakosara
E be kwe dike
Chinaza ekpere
No one like You


Papa I am nothing without You
Papa I am willing to serve You
You can use me, use me as You will
There’s no one like You, chi m’o (Oh God)
You are the Greatest, chineke m’o (Oh God)
You’re the highest, chineke m’o (Oh God)
I bow before You, Oh my Redeemer
No one like You



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