Oge Chukwu

Ossy Dennis

Added on : Dec 8, 2019

Oge Chukwu – Ossy Dennis
Dec 8, 2019 I-solo
In Lyrics
You are awesome God
I depend on you
As I lay my trust on you
And I sing this song for you

You are faithful God
Glory to your name
As we sing this song in spirit
Let the name of the Lord be lifted

You are mighty God
Ibu ebube na dike
As we raise our voice
We raise it all in proclaiming you

Oge Chukwu kamma (repeat)

Reliable God
Your time is the best
I will wait and pray to be patient
Coz I know your word never pay

Ah say if not for God dem for don carry me dey do play play
Or even turn me to mumu eh
And even call me beggy beggy eh
Say lai lai (lai lai)

I go sing I go praise I go shout
Till my voice go scatter
He’s more than worthy to be glorified
He’s the bright morning star Adonai
We love you…

My time doesn’t matter
Only God’s time is the best time
Oh Jesus the master planner ehh…

Oge Chukwu kamma (repeat)

If you ask me, wetin I know na wetin I go yarn oh
Your time and my doesn’t matter
He’s perfect time is all you need
So rechannel your mind
And put all your trust in God
My God is not deaf to hear your prayers
He’s the God that answers with time and season…


Chinaza ekpere
Chinaza ekpere
Chinaza ekpere


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