On God

Gift Jerry

Added on : Apr 18, 2024

On God – Gift Jerry
Apr 18, 2024 I-solo
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Them been wan make I fall
Them say i no go reach the top
So I put my hustle on God
Nah why I sing this song On God

I put all my trust in you
Oh lord I depend on you
You fight all of my battles
Hosanna I sing Halleluuuu

On God
See how the blessings surplus
E Dey lush E dey come for my domot
Make you come follow me make we thank God
For Hilltop where the word works
Nah church we dey go we no dey go club
If you wan see us make you turn up

We go order one crate of communion
Cause I be bomboy

Nah who born this bomboy
Mary nai born boy
Dem call say he name nah Jesus

Omo boy why you con dey jealous
When I dey go church shey you dey go club
You don see say I don dey robust
Na you wan follow to turn up

Come away
From that place wey you dey
Dey far away
Far away far away
Make you come for his Grace
Wining Grace
Make you live disgrace
Make you sing halle
Hosanna halle


Halleluya Hosanna
Halleluya Hosanna
Hosanna Halleluya
Hosanna Halleluya
Halle Lulululu
Halle Lulululu
Ho ho Hosanna
Ho ho Hosanna

Story story let me tell you a story

He turned my morning to dancing
For my lord I dey sing sweet melodies
He is the lord over everything
This our love I say no body fit challenge it
No love can compare it
This is my testimony
I you there are you listening
This is how he sets me free
Conquered my enemies
My enemies them wan try me
Th gather say them won fight me
But my Jesus died for me in the cross of calvary
And this is my testimony
That will lead to my victory
See me am getting and this is my reality
I will sing it I will sing oooh
I will sing it for my king oooh
Because say I believe ooh
I will sing I will praise the lord



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