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Calledout Music

Added on : Oct 24, 2020

Other side – Calledout Music
Oct 24, 2020 I-solo
In Lyrics

It’s alright, life gets hard sometimes
Feels like trouble keeps on knocking on my door
It’s okay, to have some rainy days
But I know it makes me stronger for sure

Pre Chorus
I’ll put my trust in God alone
The One who knows it all
He knows just how I feel inside
In every step and every way
He’ll guide me through the pain
It may last a while

But I’ll make it out the other side (side) (x2)

Verse 2
Don’t you even worry my brother (my brother)
Right now it’s feeling hotter than a sauna
Take it easy, take it easy
Oh my friend just keep believing
Ever present in the trouble
God is with You in the storm too
He never lied, He never will
Oh no, oh no, oh no

Hold up, wait a minute

I’ll be fine if Jesus is in it (x4)


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