Prince of peace


Added on : Mar 8, 2019

Prince of peace – Bamidav
Mar 8, 2019 I_solo
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Prince of Peace I don’t wanna live without papa.
Chorus: I’m gonna praise you Papa, I just wanna say halleluyah
I am here to say thank you Lord, Prince of Peace…
I don’t wanna live without papa, I can’t do with out you papa
Everlasting Papa, Everlasting Father.

Verse 1:
You are God of Peace, that gives me all round rest
Yeah! You took me out of pit, and you gave me so much pleasure
I never knew that I will be so much pleased
I’m full of blessings and I have things in abundance
One with God is majority.
Repeat Chorus …..

Verse 2:
In you there’s peace, I am so much delighted
In His presence there are pleasures ever more
Even Jubilation eeh eh, I’m gonna move my body
I’m gonna praise my Jesus, dancing from the left to right yee eh
No more sorrow yeah! Prince of Peace…..
I don’t wanna live without papa.

Repeat Chorus ……..

Verse 3:
I no fit do with out you, Your grace, Love and mercies
I no fit do with out you, do with out you)3ce
I wanna raise my voices, I wanna shake my body
I wanna dance, everybody shout it… Haa halleluyah.

Chorus Repeat till fade.


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