You Reign in Majesty

Preye Odede

Added on : Mar 3, 2018

You Reign in Majesty – PShantel ft. Preye Odede
Mar 3, 2018 Oluwasetemi
In Lyrics

Purer than gold; whiter than snow
Deeper than the ocean; wider than the sea
Higher than the mountain – You are my everything
You are great, You are kind

Oh Daddy, in You I put my trust
Chukwu Okike (God of Creation), for everything I am – I owe to You
Obinigwe (Most High)! There’s nothing impossible
Or too hard for You to do
You are bigger than what we call You

You’re bigger than our problems
Bigger than the pain
In heaven and the earth
You reign in majesty

Yahweh! The song is just for You
Yahweh! Although it can’t describe how awesome You are!
Idi ebube (Mighty God in battle)
Idi Omimi (Extraordinary God)
Look around, and see the clouds – You made them (Yahweh)
Look around, see the seas – You Made them
There’s nothing impossible,
Or too hard for You to do. Yahweh



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