Saved or Broken


Added on : Nov 12, 2017

Saved or Broken – Oracool
Nov 12, 2017 I-solo
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Verse 1
These days, I see bullets got freedom; Democracy
Pretentiously we hold back the gun but let the bullets free; hypocrisy
Now the bullet’s gun wild and right in front of our eyes a youth just died
But the say the youths are the future- so the future just died
One dead youth that’s one huge genocide
Mass murder of a generation proally solutions to problems untapped
divided we fall together we stand, even if its only one leg we have
Its Love peace and unity on the coat of arms not hatred unforgiveness and loads of arms
I see body bags and all we think about is champions league? When a league of champions have just been killed by peepz with gunz acting like Justice league
Let’s turn to peace, let’s turn to Jesus. The future equals our present actions
So what kind of foundations are we laying? What kind of ‘futures’ are we building
Is the coming generations gonna be saved or broken?
We don’t need time to tell, our present actions is already speaking
We need his help hope we are not to proud to say Jesus fix me?
Hope we are not to proud to say Jesus fix us?

Hope we saved not broken
Destruction of the future Generation X4

Verse 2
Hope the generation to come wouldn’t ask
Why did we let it get this far, why did we stop holding hands?
Why did we stop giving second chances or the same benefit of a doubt to Aliyu, Samuel, Nkiru or Mustapha?
Why did we let artist preach lust for love, now girls be seen as sex toys and rape cases steadily on the rise like evaporation
See violence is not the presence but the absence of peace
And I know a lot of yall gon relate with this ‘we are well package on the outside buh inwardly broken to bits’
But lights need darkness to shine, so these dark times is our chances to unite
Our chances to hold hands with the poor and stand strong
Wipe the tears off our eyes and smile some more
And to the hate, give a double portion of our love
Love every other kind of person contrary to religious doctrines
Let the light in you shine forth.
Once upon a time it was John 3:16
glory to the King we are now Christians
Sons of the King so we could bring
Life to dust, peace to the storm and some calm X3



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