Set Me Free

J Dust

Added on : Dec 20, 2017

Set Me Free – J Dust
Dec 20, 2017 I-solo
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Verse 1:
As usual I was before the crowd
As usual I killed it… oh wow!
Miracles and wonders all around
My crew felt so proud as I took a bow
Now in the rest room I can’t believe I’m in this mood
I need to be rescued I’m crashing if only they knew
Spirit I need you I’m calling out
I need you now

Set me free set me free from anything
Ohun ti o de mi lona iye (whatever will disqualify me from making heaven)

Verse 2:
This is it I can’t pretend anything more
I’m losing it forget what I said before
I’m swerving from the narrow road I need to return
My fate in eternity is my concern
Will He say to me faithful son enter your rest
Will He say to me I know you not depart from me
This besetting sin is an ish I must confess
I need you right now


I’m laying down every weight
At the foot of the cross
Don’t wanna be a castaway
I wanna hear you say weldone
Ma je n baye lo (Don’t let me be carried away by mundane things)
I clinging to the rugged cross
Don’t wanna be a castaway
I want u to please set me free



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