Set my heart on Fire (Cover)

Uduak EJ

Added on : Jul 9, 2018

Set my heart on Fire (Cover) – Uduak EJ
Jul 9, 2018 I_solo
In Lyrics

There’s so much that I wanna do for you my king
sin takes me so far away from you
I try run a million miles just to reach you
But my heart starts to faint at the very first step

My love for you is growing cold as the days go by
Just like a vessel filled with oil but no fire
I don’t wanna be found wanting when you return
Light me up until the morning comes
Set my heart ablaze just for you
I want it to burn for you

Oh lord
Set my heart on fire for you
Oh Lord
Set my life in order for you
I wanna burn for you
I wanna know your ways


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