Aghogho, Atonye Douglas

Added on : Apr 23, 2019

Supernatural – Aghogho ft. Atonye Douglas
Apr 23, 2019 I-solo
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Verse 1
Make i tell you one tory
tory wey wan scatter my head e o
This tin don happen before
Before you and me dey born again o
Jesus wey die for cross before
him come be oga today
Jesus wey dey for grave before
him come back to life again

Hook :
Abi na for show, abi na wash,
e fit be transmission
A bi na assurance
One thing i know be say ……

Supernatural person na him e be
Extraordinary man na him e be (2×)

Verse 2
Bible come dey talk the tin
The tin begin dey make e sense e o
People come gather for grave
Person no dey grave the graveu again

Jesus wey dey for grave before, him come back to life again
Jesus wey die for cross before
Him come be oga today

Repeat hook and chorus


He go make your life better
If you call am he go answer
Na Jehovah talk and do
He dey answer 24/7
He don turn my life around
I dey wonder wonder o
Chain breaker
Way maker
Pain taker
Na you be baba

Chorus (2x)


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