Ta lo nje aye

Kay Wonder

Added on : Nov 4, 2023

Ta lo nje aye – Kay Wonder
Nov 4, 2023 I-solo
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Verse 1
Who art thou oh Mountain before Zerubabel,
Thou Shall be made plain in the name of the Lord,
So I speak to every stronghold,
be moved in the name of the Lord,
No power darkness, can stands before you,
No power of Cancer, can stands before you.

Ta lo nje aye, Niwaju ayeraye,
(Who is the world before the creator of the world)
Tani iwo Oke, niwaju Zerubabeli,
(Who are you mountain before Zerubabel)
Tani o nje Oba apa Erin,
(Who is the king of elephant killer)
Niwaju oba apaa yanyan,
(Before the King that can kill completely)
Etobi, Oluwa.
(You are great, oh Lord)

That’s why we call you Jesus,
Mori Mori Ola,
(One that make destiny)
Mori Mori Orun,
(The one that created the heavens)
O momo, to mo ohun ikoko
(The one that knows all secret things)
Eru jeje ina, ina to ju ina,
(Great fire, Fire above all fire)
Owo to nsoro Lara ogiri,
(Hand that speaks on the wall)
Ohun to gba inu ketekete jade,
(Voice that speaks through a horse)
(Indescribable )
Aduro d’ogun,
(The one that’s always ready for war)
Ko beru ogun,
(With no fear of war)
Gbogbo agbara laye lorun tire ni nse,
(All powers in heaven and on earth are yours)
O segun iku,
(He conquered death)
O segun arun,
(He conquered diseases)
The one that can swallow what swallows an elephant

Call/Res– Every Mountain/7x Be planned.

Call/Res– Tani iwo oke/7× E pare
(Who are you mountain, disappear)


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