The Name Of Jesus


Added on : Mar 14, 2017

The Name Of Jesus – Sinach
Mar 14, 2017 Ruth Otori
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Verse 1
How Majestic is your name
Oh Lord
In all the earth
Your name is strong an mighty
Your name is glorious and great
In Him we  are saved

Call- The name of
Resp- Jesus! Higher than other names
King of all Kings no other like His
The name of Jesus!
Higher than other names, Alpha and Omega
No other name like His

Verse 2
Your name like sweet perfume
Poured upon my soul (yeah)
In your name we’ll overcome
In His name there’s victory
His name is powerful

(Repeat chorus 2x)

Every other God they are deader than dead
Jesus died and He rose again
Be lifted higher
In your name evry knee shall bow
In your name all men are saved

Adlib-  we call upon that name
Call- Call His name
Resp – Jesus!
Call – Call on that name
Resp – Jesus
Call- call that name
Resp – Jesus
All – oh oh oh Jesus

(Repeat Bridge several times)

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