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Added on : Jul 28, 2018

Wafika – Dr Tumi
Jul 28, 2018 Oluwarufus
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Had been longing for a while
Nothing else could ever satisfy
A thirst that no one else …could quench
An emptiness That I could never fill.

Wafika kimi Ngathol’ uk’uphil’ okunguna phakade
He came to me I found eternal life forever
Wangiphefumlela Ngathol’ Uk’phil’ emthonieni wakho
He inspired me to find life in your body

Troubled heart and troubled mind
Didn’t know who’d come and save my life
Had no rest I didn’t have joy
I was lost I didn’t even know

Ngiyabonga (Thank you)
Moyo ‘ingcwele (Life is holy)
Wafika kimi (He came to me)
Ngathol’ uk’uphil’ okunguna phakade (I have found a living life forever)

Ke a lebogg (I thank you)
Wafihla gonna
Ka hwetjg bophelo bosafeleng (Eternal life)

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