Walk with You


Added on : Dec 29, 2018

Walk with You – Freegeegaah
Dec 29, 2018 I-solo
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Justice will be served
DJ I Shine, I Shine
Freegeegaah live free and biggaah
Uhn Uhn Uhn Uhn

Verse One:
Treat me with kindness LORD
So that i may live and do what YOU say
Open my mind and let me discover the wonders of your law
I live here as a stranger
Don’t keep me from knowing your commands
What i want most of all and at all times is to honor your laws
You punish those boastful, worthless nobodies
Who turn from your commands
Don’t let them sneer and insult me for following you
I keep thinking about your teachings LORD
Even if rulers plot against me
Your laws are my greatest joy!
I follow their advice
I am at the point of death
Let your teachings breath new life into me(amen)
When i told YOU my troubles, YOU answered my prayers
Now teach me your laws
Help me to understand YOUR teachings
And i will think about your marvelous deeds
I am overcome with sorrow, encourage me(amen)

Take away, take away
My foolish desires
And let me find life
By walking with YOU
(chorus is 4x)

Verse Two:
Don’t forget your promise to me your servant
I depend on it
When i am hurting i find comfort in your promise that leads to life
Conceited people sneer at me, but i obey your law
I find true comfort LORD,because your laws have stand the test of time
I get furious when evil people turn against YOUR law
No matter where i am, YOUR teachings fill me with songs
Even in the night i think about you LORD
And i obey your law
YOU have blessed me because i have always followed your teachings
YOU LORD are my choice and i will obey YOU
With all my heart i beg YOU to be kind to me
Just as YOU have promised
I pay careful attention, as YOU lead me i follow closely
As soon as YOU command i do what YOU say
Evil people may set a trap but i obey your law

(Back to chorus, repeat chorus 8 times)

DJ I Shine, I Shine
DJ I Shine



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