We Bring You the Praise

Joke Onojeghuo

Added on : Oct 10, 2016

We Bring You the Praise – Joke Onojeghuo
Oct 10, 2016 Oluwarufus
In Lyrics

We bring you the praise
We give you all the glory
Oba mimo, Eyin l’ogo ye
Eyin l’ogo ye, Eyin l’ogo ye
Oba mimo, Eyin l’ogo ye

Verse 1
He has given me every reason to sing
And I’ll do that with everything in me
Onyeoma Ebubedike Agunechemba
You deserve the glory that we bring

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Faithful God our soon coming king
You’re my guiding light in every time of darkness
Onyeoma Ebubedike Agunechemba
We proclaim you only as our King

Ma f’ijo yin baba ogo
Ma rababa yin Baba l’ogo
Ma k’orin yin Baba l’ogo
Ma f’atewo yin Baba l’ogo
Ma bere mo’le ma the gbe ga
Ma gbe Jesu mi gen gen
Owo mi l’oke ya ya
Ma k’aleluya delete
Jesu mi seun seun
Olorun mi seun seun
Jesu mi seun

Bridge 2
Onyeoma (3x)
Oba to ga

Oba t’oga (3x)
T’oga t’oga.

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