You blow my mind

Aity Dennis

Added on : Dec 1, 2020

You blow my mind – Aity Dennis
Dec 1, 2020 I-solo
In Lyrics

I’m still looking for words
To describe You
Each time that I try
You blow my mind
I go searching for terms
Searching for terms
To define You
Awesome God oh oh oh
You blow my mind

You‘re more than amazing
Massively grandiose
You blow my mind 2X
Bigger than I can imagine
Extremely glorious
You blow my mind X2
Oh Oh oh…
Igbakala m ishi

Your creation is endless
Your blessings are countless
You make me speechless Aah
You blow my mind
Nothing I need is beyond you
Awesome Wonder Miracle Worker…
You blow my mind…
Igbakala m ishi…


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