You're the One for me


Added on : Feb 9, 2018

You’re the One for me – Dotkeez
Feb 9, 2018 I_solo
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Whooooh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah
You and i

Oh i love the way
You paint the pictures
When you look into my eyes
It appears i am the one for you
I’m not another passing phase
You know that i love you
And i need nobody else
You are the only one for me

You’re all i need to
Love with no condition
Stay with through the ice and fire
My heart is strung to yours
You’re the one for me
With you there’s no better place
I’ve found my comfort zone with you
And I’ll be loving you
You’re the one for me

Oh oh oh oh
I know that
I’ll make mistakes
And sometimes hurt you really bad
But you can count on him
To teach me how to love you right
And when i realise my wrong
You know I’ll be on my knees
To say my prayers
And I’ll turn to you
To make you smile


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