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Added on : Dec 6, 2017

Alade Ogo – Jaysong
Dec 6, 2017 I_solo
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Solo 1- (Jaysong)
with a grateful heart
I humbly bow to you
Alade ogo
With an heart full of worship
I lift up my voice to you
Alade ogo (2x)

For you are worthy of my worship
You are worthy of my praise
You alone deserve my worship
Take it it’s yours
Heaven and Earth adore you
And angels bow before you
And they come in one accord
Singing glory to your name

Chorus –
Alade Ogo…….
You’ve done so much for me
Alade Ogo……
You are mote than what they said
Alade Ogo…..
There is non like you
Alade Ogo, Alade Ogo

Solo 2-(DavidG)
With a grateful heart
I humbly bow to you
Alade Ogo
With heart full of praise
I humbly bow too you
Alade Ogo (2x)

Alade Ogo
( you’ve done so much for me)
Alade Ogo
(In turning my life around)
Alade Ogo
(Speaking in tongue)
Alade Ogo
(Speaking in tongue)

(Jaysong) oh you’re the great and mighty God
Ogo ………
(David G) hey hey hey hey, you’re the Lilly of the valley
(Jaysong) Oh there is non like you, in heaven and on earth
Ogo Ogo yeah yeah yeah yeah
Alade Ogo
Oh you’re bigger than what people think you are
Alade Ogo
You turning me around making me so blessed Jesus,
Alade Alade Alade
(Speaking in tongue)


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