Amazing Grace Remix

Tosin Oyelakin

Added on : May 19, 2017

Amazing Grace Remix – Tosin Oyelakin
May 19, 2017 Oluwarufus
In Lyrics

I was so lost till you found me
I was broken till you bound me up
With no purpose yet guided me
You led me to your amazing grace

Amazing grace, how sweet that sound
I once was lost but now I am found
I once was blind but now I can see
Amazing grace, Your amazing grace
Where would I be if You had not found me
Living a life with no meaning
Searching for true love that I’d never find
You brought me to Your amazing grace

You’re always right there when I need You
You never leave nor abandon me
In every season my one constant friend
You bring me to you amazing grace

You rescued me You rescued me
From all of my troubles
You made me whole You give me hope
Now I can say

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