Thank You Father

Pat Uwaje King, Tosin Oyelakin

Added on : Jan 17, 2019

Thank You Father – Tosin Oyelakin ft. Pat Uwaje-King
Jan 17, 2019 I-solo
In Lyrics

Baba (Father) 3x
Baba mimo e se o( Holy Father, thank You) 3x
A dupe Baba (We’re grateful Father)
I want to thank You for Your goodness
I wanna thank You for Your mercies
You’ve been so good
You’ve been so kind
Lord I praise You
Dansaki Re (Praise to You)


Eze wa nile (King of all the earth)
You are the King
King, King of Kings
Eze wa nile (King of all the earth)
You are the Lord
We worship You
Glory to Your name
Blessed be Your name
Honour to Your name
Eze mo (My King) 2x

Iwo l’Olorun Oluwa iye (You are God, Lord of life)
Baba to to Baba (Father greater than any other)
A gbe o ga (We lift up)
Ajinde ati iye (Resurrection and life)
Oga ogo o (Lord of glory)
Ope ye O o (You deserve the praise)
Dansaki Re (Praise to you)
Baba Baba Baba (Father)


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