Awesome God

Enitan Adaba

Added on : Oct 13, 2016

Awesome God – Enitan Adaba ft. Neville D
Oct 13, 2016 Oluwarufus
In Lyrics

Awesome, mighty God; there is none like You
Pure and holy one, You are all so true
From age to age You stand, who can question You?
And I will not forget, How You’ve been Good

Awesome God, Mighty Father, King of kings
There is no one else like You
You are worthy of my praise
Holy Lamb, my Redeemer, Prince of peace
There is no one else like You
You are everything to me

You who made the world, You are wonderful
The sun, the moon and stars, who will not fear You?
For the many things you do, I’m in awe of You
How can I forget how You’ve been so good

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